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Connect... to the energy of these epic red rocks and iron rich sand dunes.

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Disconnect... from the digital age to explore a private meditation on the edge of limitless discovery.

Reconnect... to the beauty and power inherent in ourselves inspired by these ancient landscapes.

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A Spa Journey for Your Soul...

Now more than ever, after months of practicing some form of self isolation, it is time to heal our body, mind and soul. Monumental Meditations offers easy mindful adventures designed for young and old to give you time to reconnect to the natural world. Studies have been reported by the US National Institute of Health which highlights the positive effects of simply being in nature.

We offer healing  Weekend Retreats. Please join us as we relax and savor all the healing powers of Mother Nature and the enlightening stories of the heavens.

Come and join us as we get healthy and happy by just being in the moment.

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Online Reservations
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