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Philip, born and raised in Southern England has from a young age had a deep connection to the natural world that surrounded him. The sacred Neolithic landscape of his native county of Wiltshire inspired him to begin a spiritual journey of self-discovery which continues through his mediation and mindfulness practices along with regularly attending retreats and workshops. His journey also led him to the healing art of Reiki, and after many years of study in the United Kingdom he attained the level of Master/Teacher. Regular Reiki along with his meditation practice has increased his connection and understanding of the world around him and enables him to experience a life fulfilled.
After many years as an ordained Spiritual Humanist minister he regularly performs wedding ceremonies within the ancient monument of Stonehenge in England,  some of the most stunning locations in the American Southwest as well as at Kala Patthar, Base Camp Mount Everest.


Ellena, Yoga has been an integral part of  life for over 40 years. Her practice has helped her to become stronger and more flexible both on the mat and in life.

She has been a yoga practitioner for many years and has had the pleasure to teach for the last 12 years. Ellena received her 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from Shambhava School of Yoga at the Shoshoni Retreat location in Colorado and has done many hours of training with Yoga Journal, most recently working on completing 6 Master classes through them.

Ellena currently teaches Hatha Yoga in Page, AZ. The classes are multi-level and designed to welcome any and all to the wonderful world of yoga. Along with teaching yoga to middle school students, Ellena volunteers at the public library where she teaches an after-school class with elementary age students.


Stuart, an Arizona native, is a Havasupai Tribal member raised in the breathtakingly beautiful village of Supai deep in the Grand Canyon. He is a published poet and always happy to share the unique stories and ancient traditions of the Havasupai People.  A morning blessing is par for the course, welcoming the sun and it’s offer of renewal.

Stuart has the special distinction of graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ with an Associates Degree in French Cuisine.  He also has experience working at Binkley’s Restaurant in Phoenix, which is noted for its creative and unique menu with a designated 5-Star Rating.  As a result, he is able to bring culinary invention and delectable treats with a focus on healthful eating for our discerning guests.
He is honored to work with Monumental Meditations and is delighted to share his tradition, culture and culinary prowess with our guests.
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Jennie has been living in rural Southern Utah since 1992 and practicing yoga for 28 years. She enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping in the sacred landscape of the Southwest US.

In 2013, she received her Reiki attunement and training in Sedona, AZ. She completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga instructor program in 2017. Jennie has taught yoga and meditation in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. She also enjoys teaching yoga to the students at the school near her home. Jennie currently teaches yoga in Big Water, Utah and works as a river guide on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. 


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Debra, born in a small village in southern Germany and raised on two continents has traveled the world to discover and explore its secrets.

Years ago, Debra felt a calling to be ordained as a Chaplain, so she could be at the bedside of sick and dying patients.  With a natural love and ability in this area, she has worked with many people as they transitioned from this world. 

She also had a desire to work with people in other precious moments and this manifested in the birth of Monumental Arizona Weddings.  Today Debra  is happily ministering to hundreds of couples as they commit to one another in the most magnificent surroundings.  When meeting with couples from all over the world, she noticed a common thread amongst them.  They all felt a deep and spiritual connection to the beautiful landscapes.  It seemed a natural progression to engage many more people in the opportunity to get away from the daily rigors of life to find peace and connection.

Monumental Meditation is a passion project Debra visualized years ago and now the time has come for this dream to be realized. With the help of an amazing team of sacred souls we are happy to introduce our Wellness Retreats.


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Carol has had a sales/marketing career in legal publishing and was a VP of partnerships and programs for the Arizona Small Business Association.  In addition, she has been part of the small business tradition, when she served as business manager for her husband’s dental practice.

Carol views her current position as communication, marketing and social media director for Monumental Meditation & Monumental Arizona Weddings as a labor of love.  How incredibly fun and heart warming is it to spread the joy of newly and soonly marrieds, along with people finding renewal & strengthening their spiritual growth.

She is pleased to have been ordained as a Chaplain in Spiritual Humanism and is delighted to participate in vow renewals and wedding ceremonies.  As an avid hiker, she fully appreciates the amazing locations and destinations provided by Mother Nature. She has attended many wellness retreats, self-discovery workshops and participated in meditation and yoga classes and is thrilled about the meditation & renewal retreats that Monumental Mediation is currently offering.

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Sarah, has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling from  Wayne State University. Specializing in disordered eating, mindfulness,  movement therapy, and adventure based counseling. I also hold a Masters  in Art and Art Education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Eastern Michigan University. I am a personal trainer through NASM  and holistic health coach studied at Institute of Integrated Nutrition  with over 25 years experience. I recently completed a 200 hour yoga  certification and Social Emotional Learning certificate through Breathe  for Change. My interest include Bhakti Yoga and the science of Ayurveda  and the effects on one's overall health. I am seeing coaching clients  based on their specific needs.


Bernadette, an Occupational Therapist, has been trained under John Barnes in Myofascial Release techniques since 2002. Her background as an Occupational Therapist since 1990, has given her a foundation to help a significant number of people who have had medical complications resulting in myofascial pain and dysfunction including: back, neck, cervical, knee injuries, womans health complications, shoulder and hand injuries, from pinched nerves, tendon injuries and arthritis.

Having experienced tail-bone injuries resulting in nerve pain and dysfunction she was able to get some relief from massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and reflexology, but it was not until getting myofascial release treatments that the pain was completely resolved. She has helped chronic pain sufferers who have sought out relief in those modalities as well, but the results of myofascial release have been long-lasting. The above modalities can still be complimentary to myofascial release and help with overall pain and movement dysfunction.


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